Phone and Scene Troubles

Hello all,

Over the past week I’ve been adjusting to my new phone. I upgraded on my contract and was able to get a bottom of the range smart phone, which I don’t yet know if I’m pleased with. Generally, I’m a technophiliac – I like how fast things are progressing and the amount of things we can do with technology, but in this particular area I’m at sea. The first few days were ones of frustration as I desperately tried to work the touch screen, which seemed never to respond to my touches, and when it did it was on the wrong option. Texting was a nightmare! I figured out the problem, which was the little bit of film that the manufacturer had put on to protect the screen in transit. That removed, and three days of practice, the touch screen became more bearable. However, I’m still not totally convinced it’s a step in the right direction over normal buttons. Hey ho. I managed to get the e-mail to work after several hours and a few choice curse words, but it’s not a feature I’m particularly going to be using, since the WAP internet is so damned expensive and it seems to lose signal from my router every two minutes. Let’s face it, if I’m at home I can use my laptop. If at work, I have a PC.

What has any of this got to do with writing? Well, nothing really, excepting that several hours playing about with a phone trying to get it configured and working appropriates time from other pursuits such as writing. But you can file the phone part under the ‘general musings’ category and we’ll come on to writing now. I’ve had a bit of a slow week with getting anything done, which is unusual for me. Once I’ve got my teeth into a project I tend to want to push on until it’s done. My target is to finish the first draft of the play I’m working on – Lost and Found – by the end of July. But I’ve lost enthusiasm right now. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, scene three is a bitch to write since it involves having everyone find something in one of the rest that they like a lot. Sounds fine, but you’ve got a finite amount of dialogue for each character to keep the scene to an acceptable length. This means trying to skimp and save, and that does not bode well for characterisation and the proper flow of plot. Secondly, almost everyone from my friendship group has now departed for the holidays, which means I’m at a lost cause how to fill all my spare time, and sitting in a house alone doesn’t do much for the creative spark. However, I have finally managed to crack scene three (though it probably needs a massive edit) so that’s good news. Scene four is underway too, though I’ve hit a stumbling block because I had planned to utilise Shakespeare’s sonnets from Love’s Labour’s Lost in this scene, and yet Biron’s is never actually read aloud by any of the characters in the play. A minor setback, but a puzzling one to be sure. Anyway, I’m sanguine about forging ahead over the next few days, if I can devise some solution to the second problem.

In other news, I’ve set up some new pages here containing some examples of my work, so there’s something to look at until the next update.


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