To God or not to God

Hello all, The majority of my thinking this past week has been on my fantasy series, since it’s what I’ve been writing the most of. I’m very much a believer in macro-world building, that is to say knowing what all the world is like in order to enhance the setting before undertaking any of the … Continue reading

Procrastination for the Nation

Hello all, I hope you’ve all had a grand week and aren’t feeling that it’s Monday too much (4 days till the weekend). Anyway, I’ve got some editing done of the last week for Lost & Found, and I’m pleased to say that the first half is ready to go. Second half editing begins now. … Continue reading

Soliloquies in Modern Dramatic Writing

Hello all, I went to see Richard III at the Old Vic last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kevin Spacey was incredible as the eponymous title character, playing the villain with a dark humour. It’s not often you laugh during performances of Richard III, and even rarer that the entire audience laughs, so credit to … Continue reading

First Drafts & Swear Words

Hello all, Welcome to the weekly update! So, only one week later than I’d intended (an impromptu week off work and holiday, so technically it was on time) I’ve finished the first draft of Lost & Found, which is making me pretty happy right now. I think that scene six (the final scene, aka act … Continue reading

Holiday & Happiness

Hello all, Sorry for the missed week here – I hope you haven’t been pining for me like a sad cat. If you have, then my apologies, pull up your kitty litter and let’s get on with the post. I went away on holidays – or rather, I was off work and enjoying some time … Continue reading

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