Holiday & Happiness

Hello all,

Sorry for the missed week here – I hope you haven’t been pining for me like a sad cat. If you have, then my apologies, pull up your kitty litter and let’s get on with the post. I went away on holidays – or rather, I was off work and enjoying some time away from things. I did venture to Cambridge and Ely on a sort of two day trip, which was very enjoyable. I took the opportunity to pop into the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, watching a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at St. John’s College Gardens. It was very well done – brilliant theatre in the open, just at that magical time between day and night. The characters were doubled up, so that the actors played multiple roles, and it was clearly very well rehearsed. I cannot now get the “Hunting the Wren” song the mechanicals came on singing out of my head…

So what of the happiness part of this post – well, that’s eay enough to explain. Holidays are a good time for being happy, and especially when you share them with someone lovely (which I did!). But also, I had a very productive meeting with my publisher today, and we’ve laid down the order and choices for a slim volume of poetry to be published later this year. I’m very excited. Too excited. But I also have to get back to Lost & Found, with just one scene and a bit to go (and only a week behind schedule!).


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