Breaking the Word Limit

So it’s been an interesting week for me. The last three weeks had seen no writing whatsoever, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve broken the block and have cranked out two and a quarter chapters over the last week, which is pleasant. I’m really starting to get a good idea of where I’m going … Continue reading

Fan Fiction: Yes or No?

So, it occured to me that apart from my long winded ramblings on deities who may or may not be included in this fantasy series I’m writing, I haven’t really shown you anything that I’ve written that isn’t play manuscript or poetry. The reason for that is there isn’t much to show you. I’ve a … Continue reading

How My World Started

Hello all, Forgive my absence over the past week, I’ve been in Spain on holiday so I’ve not been near a computer. After that I was catching up on things at home and interviewing at work so it’s been a little hectic. Last time I posted I was discussing the conundrum that is whether to … Continue reading

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