Fan Fiction: Yes or No?

So, it occured to me that apart from my long winded ramblings on deities who may or may not be included in this fantasy series I’m writing, I haven’t really shown you anything that I’ve written that isn’t play manuscript or poetry. The reason for that is there isn’t much to show you. I’ve a few short stories from a while back tucked away, but I’m not sure any one of them is actually any good and worth bringing into the harsh light of day. Over the past few years I’ve been concentrating on writing plays and writing poetry on the side, so it’s been a bit of a low time for stories in the sense of prose. I’ve started one or two novels and never really got anywhere with them, and I’m trying to keep From the Ashes from you for a little longer.

What I have got are two shortish stories that I wrote for roleplaying characters. I roleplay. I’m not ashamed of it. Before your minds go tearing off with whips, chains, and other assorted accoutrements, I should point out that I mean pencil and paper roleplaying games. Those unfamiliar with this sort of thing will be aware of Dungeons & Dragons, if only in passing. Well, it’s like D&D but better. Better because D&D isn’t a very good system and isn’t really for me. Anyway, back to the writing before I rant about how poor D&D is and scare all of you away forever.

For a Wheel of Time roleplay I have been playing in I wrote two back stories for characters, giving a bit of detail in their lives up to the point that the game begins. This is pretty standard for roleplay characters, but I very much like Robert Jordan’s world and wanted to do something a bit more than just an A4 page. Since I like writing I went a bit mad and wrote a few chapters for each one giving small snippets in their lives, and trying to keep the language and systems as close to the world of the Wheel of Time as I could.

I would like to post them for you to see here, but I must stress that I’m not sure that I should. Fan fiction is something that I think comes from a great place – the delight in the world someone else has created and the desire to tell and hear more stories from that world. Or stories that could be from that world. That being said, I’m also aware of copyright rules, and that fanfic does to a certain extent infringe upon them. Some disagree, and that’s their prerogative, but I can see where authors might feel aggrieved if it detracts from their writing or associates their creations with poorer copies of it. My reticence is therefore two fold: firstly, I’m not looking to attract a lawsuit from Robert Jordan’s estate (I think I read somewhere that he was okay with fanfic, but I might be mistaken) and secondly, I don’t want to detract from Mr. Jordan’s excellent writing and world with my own prose.

So, I’m going to post a chapter from one of them, and you can choose to read it at your leisure. If you want to see more, then I will post more. If not, then no hard feelings (and hopefully you’ll read something totally mine when I post it). If Mr. Jordan’s estate wants me to get rid of it, I will without hesitation. But also, whilst you read (or don’t read) my writings set in the Wheel of Time world, have a think about where you stand on fanfic and what response you’d have if someone set writing in your world. I’d love to hear your opinions.

A Wheel of Time Fanfic: Conor al Varre al Meara: Chapter 1 (PDF)

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