A Port in a Storm

It’s been a hell of a week over here in the world of Nick and I’m very glad to have had some writing to fall back on. I was going to make an update about Hallowe’en today, it being 31st October, but instead I’ve got a bit of a horror story of my own to … Continue reading

Plays, Books & Poetry

Hello all, This week has flown by, so let me update you on what’s been going on in the world of Nick. First of all, I did the casting for my first play, Lost & Found, which goes on at the end of November, leaving only a few short weeks in which to rehearse. However, … Continue reading

Winter Is Coming

Hello all, There is steam rising from my cup of coffee as I sit in my living room and write this post, which can only be the first sign that the weather here in the UK is turning and that winter is on its way. In fact, I’ve got the heater on for the first … Continue reading

A Break from Novel Writing

Hello all, Another week raced by, and I’m plugging ahead with chapter ten of the novel. Celebrating having finished 40,000 words in the first draft so far, and took a bit of a break mid-week to calm down and think about what happens next. During that break I hit a vein of poem writing, which … Continue reading

Emotional Prostitution

Another week has raced by and it’s time for an update. Well, I’ve managed to finish chapter nine of the novel but am now having problems thinking up a good name for the chapter. So far it’s a choice between a title that makes sense but has the word ‘plunge’ in it, which I don’t … Continue reading

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