Emotional Prostitution

Another week has raced by and it’s time for an update. Well, I’ve managed to finish chapter nine of the novel but am now having problems thinking up a good name for the chapter. So far it’s a choice between a title that makes sense but has the word ‘plunge’ in it, which I don’t like the sound of or a crap allusion to one of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. Anyway, if you can think up a good, witty, amusing or generally well rounded chapter title then send a postcard to me and you may win an aubergine or something.

In the meanwhile, I’ve also written some poetry. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, has popped off on an Erasmus year to Spain, and it’s very odd her not being around to make me do work and generally take part in the human race. So I’ve been thinking about that lately and have produced some poetry on the subject. I now pass it on to you in the hope that you’ll be understand where I’m coming from and maybe send me an aubergine. (I’ve got to get off this whole aubergine thing. I don’t even like them). Anyway, there’s a famous saying about poets selling their emotions for money, like prostitutes of emotion. But you can all enjoy these for free!

Gone Away

You have gone away
And I have no one to follow
Down to the river, perhaps,
Or walking beneath the trees.

You have gone away
Long hours stretch to breaking point
Wandering from room to room
All empty as my heart.

You have gone away
Taking the sun with you
I am left in the dark
A shadow without a body.


The hair falls over your face
As you throw your head back, laughing,
The sound that makes my heart bloom
So large it might burst;
It fills my chest.
I look into your eyes
Eyes in which the future may be written
If only I knew how to read it
The words are lost
I wake to an empty bed.

Sore Tooth

Your absence is like a sore tooth
I can’t stop prodding at it
I feel the pain but have to test again.
It always hurts.

Until next week!

2 Responses to “Emotional Prostitution”
  1. Ria says:

    I don’t know how I came across this website but I just wanted to say I love ‘Gone Away’. Good work!

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