A Break from Novel Writing

Hello all,

Another week raced by, and I’m plugging ahead with chapter ten of the novel. Celebrating having finished 40,000 words in the first draft so far, and took a bit of a break mid-week to calm down and think about what happens next. During that break I hit a vein of poem writing, which I’m sharing with you this week. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them!

Also, this week sees the auditions for my play Lost & Found, which is going to be performed by the award winning Leicester University Theatre at the end of November. I’m very excited and also very apprehensive about the production, but I’m sure the apprehension will disappear as we move on towards performance.

In other news, I’ll be trying to work out the release date for my poetry anthology later this week, so watch this space for news and updates on that as well!

Dinner Party Reactions, or why I keep writing

They say you’re a poet
Can I see your stuff?
Is this really it?
It’s not even enough
To fill a book.
You’ll never make any money from it.

“I don’t care,” I say
“I don’t do it for the pay.”

Social Networking

I sat in myspace
Slammed shut my facebook
And set the birds a-twitter

I Know Why the Caged Lion Sings

What a silly thing to do
To have a choir at a zoo
The soprano was a second rater
The lion ate her.


I’ve got a photograph of you
In my mind. A recording too.
I often put it on and look
At the photograph I took
When we were last together
Your pretty dress, the dismal weather
The nights alone aren’t all that bad
I’m almost completely never sad
Because though I’ve not seen you in a while
I’ve got your photograph on file.


Poets are often linked with dreamers
Just as bankers are with schemers
I’d be a poet-schemer or dreamer-banker
Before a stereotype-believing wanker.


Many people these days
Suffer from an intolerance
To wheat or dairy for example
The evidence is altogether ample
That my intolerance is to bad writing
And people choosing celebrity
Or a film without plot, but gory
Over a well written story
It brings me out in a rash
My eyes go puffy, I struggle to breathe
And I am forced to find refuge in my retreats
Immersing myself in a book or wandering the moonlit streets.


To those who say “expresso”
To save me from a rant
It’s pronounced “espresso”, dickhead
Signed your local pedant

More Than A Feeling

Je dis “je t’aime”
You say “Okay,”
If that’s what you feel.”
“Non. Je sais. Je sais.”

3 Responses to “A Break from Novel Writing”
  1. Congrats on the novel progression from a fellow aspiring novelist on the journey.

    I enjoyed the poetry, especially the Social Networking one. You may have inspiried me to craft a few rhymes as I’ve done far too infrequently lately.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Mark,

      I find it helps to just break into verse every now and again to stop everything going wrong in the prose. Glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for commenting.


  2. Interesting use of poetry, to keep the rhythm of prose fresh. I’ll have to remember that.

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