Old Ideas & New Ideas Come to Life

So, it’s been a week and a day since my last update, which saw me fairly down in the mouth about my course. As many of you will be aware I’m working on my first play – directing it I mean – to get it ready for performance on 23rd-25th November. It’s been a lot of work so far, but all in a good, rewarding sense.

One of the best things about seeing something you wrote being performed by other people is the small details or change of tone that you maybe missed out on when you wrote a line. Okay, sometimes they’re just wrong and you tell them. Other times though they read a line not in the way you wrote it but in a way that still makes perfect sense. Slowly, but surely, those characters are becoming real. The actors have given them life. And that’s so rewarding because as a writer you spend a lot of time with the characters inside your head, trying to tease them out onto the page. To see your words translated into character is a great joy, and I am very thankful to the actors (Sarah Greenwood, Eloise Levey, Nicci Brown, Brona Law, Steph Collins, Benjamin Rushton, Stephen Frost, James Harland, Michael Bordom and Alex Hatcher). I’m also outstandingly grateful to Cate Glanvill, my co-director, for keeping me from making my baby into a precious thing that no one should alter. She’s been brilliant at keeping my mind on the task as it is, rather than focused on the purity of the written script.

But I cannot be more effusive in thanks than for the excellent character ideas the actors are creating. So much so that I’ve started planning a sequel play with the same characters. The first one, Lost & Found, was based loosely on Love’s Labour’s Lost. This is an original piece of work. I’ve written the first scene in draft now and I’m very excited. There’s so much to explore and it’s all down to their excellent work.

So this entry is a short one, but very sweet, just to say a great big thank you to my actors for being so amazing and for being the inspiration for new ideas. There’s no bigger blessing than to be given inspiration in the way and the quantity that they have.


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