The End of the Season

So, I hope that all my lovely readers had a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas and Boxing Day (or St. Stephen’s Day for those who like their feast days), and that you’ve filled up on turkey, wine, beer, chocolate and other seasonal treats. Hopefully you’ve got a few good days planned between now and New Year’s … Continue reading

Friday Flash: Coffee & TV 2

Hello all, So it’s Friday again, which means another new piece of creative work, which is very exciting. You’ll remember from a few weeks ago I uploaded a short play called Coffee & TV? Of course you do. Well, here’s part two, hot off the presses so to speak and ready to roll. I have … Continue reading

A Christmas Carol: Top 5 Edition

Hello all, Sorry for the week hiatus – things were pretty stressful with the moving house and it being the end of term. But no matter. I’m back now and thought I’d give you another top five post whilst simultaneously getting you into the Christmas spirit. So without further ado – my top 5 Christmas … Continue reading

FF: Against the Wall

I’ve classified this as a ten minute play, but I’m not sure how well it would work on stage really. I think rather it would work better as a filmed piece, but nevertheless, I’m sticking to calling it a ten minute play until it is filmed. Maybe a ten minute screenplay. Anyway, see what you … Continue reading

The Most Stressful Time of the Year

It’s often said that one of the most stressful things you can do is move house, and that’s exactly what I’m attempting to do at the moment. It’s going alright so far, though I haven’t actually found anywhere to move to yet, and for various reasons (all of which are intensely boring) I’m sleeping in … Continue reading

Not Quite a Friday Flash

Missed my deadline for posting, since I was travelling back to my Dad’s place for a weekend of home comforts. Still, home now and able to upload some new material. Just a short play, similar in vein to my first foray into writing plays, which was an adaptation of a script written by a friend … Continue reading

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