Poems for Friday

Hello all, It’s Friday, which means it’s the end of the working week! To celebrate, I’m going to be showing off some poems fresh off the press (some were literally finished this morning). Others were, like so many of my poems, written in a rough book which I take everywhere and subsequently forgotten about. I … Continue reading

The End of the Report

So I come back to you, jerkin torn and armour in need of repair, sword slick with the blood of the report, which has finally been slain… Maybe I’ve been spending too much time indoors working on my Fourth Crusade report? Yes, well, lack of choice has been a factor there. It went well, thanks … Continue reading

Nick Palmer, Falconer

Hello all, I’m going down a different route today, as you probably guessed from the title: the reason being that my Christmas present from my girlfriend was taking part in a falconry experience event, and it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever had. I’ve been interested in birds of prey since I was very … Continue reading

The Humble Moon & WLTM

Hello all, Today I’m bringing you two new poems, which don’t quite fall into the Friday Flash area, but they’re as near as they can be at the moment. With an important report due for the PhD, the writing has to take a sideline to allow time to do the work. I don’t much like … Continue reading

Oh, hello 2012, didn’t see you there…

Happy New Year! Welcome everyone to my first post of 2012. I hope that you all had a great night last night, whatever it was that you were up to – whether you were out partying the night away or snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa to see the new year … Continue reading

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