The End of the Report

So I come back to you, jerkin torn and armour in need of repair, sword slick with the blood of the report, which has finally been slain… Maybe I’ve been spending too much time indoors working on my Fourth Crusade report? Yes, well, lack of choice has been a factor there. It went well, thanks for asking. However, I am now a little tired and behind with everything else, so it’s not all blues skies and freedom!

What is blues skies and exciting is that I had a very productive meeting with my publishers last week and the final edit of Three Worlds has been done and dusted, which means it’s ready for publication. Of course, it’s not just about the words in the book, but that’s the most important part done. All things being well, it will be published on 15th February. More details of how and where to your hands on it will be provided as soon as possible.

To get you in the mood here’s a new poem, written just last night:

Café Mist

Stirring sugar into frothy coffee
Proper coffee – and waiting for the phone to ring.
Bring bring to bring news of our meeting.

The spoon disturbs the surface
Showing dark lagoons beneath the mists of froth:
Mist that will have disappated before my phone goes off.

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