Poems for Monday

Once again I’ve found a bunch of poems that were hidden away in a notebook and I hadn’t typed up. So here they are for your delectation: Trees (written during the sunny September of 2011 waiting for a friend to arrive to meet me) What a great thing it would be If you could become … Continue reading

A Trip to Spain

You may have noticed that I was absent over last weekend and if you didn’t clearly you weren’t paying attention. But yes, I flew out to Spain to visit my girlfriend who is over there doing an Erasmus year (follow her baking exploits whilst there at A Slice of Spain).

A Collection of Thoughts

I’m sitting right now in Spain a little taken back by the news – my book has just gone live on Amazon for Kindle download. Without wanting to be indulgent, I just had a few things to say. In the acknowledgements I thanked a great number of people, all of whom were instrumental in getting … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

There’s always something conflicting within me about Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s that I’ve spent the vast majority of them alone, looking inward at the happy couples and wishing just for one moment I could have what they have. Maybe it’s that, like so many of our festivals, they have lost their meaning in a sea … Continue reading

Coffee & TV III: The Date

Lights up on a standard living room shared by two guys. There’s a TV towards DSR, facing a couch, on which is sat ALEX. He has a bowl of cereal and is watching the TV, laughing at whatever show is on. The room is relatively untidy, but not in a dirty way – just that … Continue reading

Tips for Better Writing Part 2

Good to see you all back here. In part one of Tips for Better Writing, I talked about getting an idea that you are interested in and is sustainable for you to write, showing the audience things through situations and dialogue, rather than telling them outright, and listening to the way people speak to make … Continue reading

Tips for Better Writing, Part 1

In one week’s time, my first poetry anthology will be published by Inspired Quill, and to celebrate, I’m going to be bringing you a post every other day right up to publication day! Aren’t you lucky? Actually, it’s me who’s very lucky and I want to quickly take the opportunity to thank everyone who has … Continue reading

Review: The Ladykillers

The basic plot of The Ladykillers is fairly well known, given the exemplary 1955 film starring Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers (100% on Rotten Tomatoes) and its slightly lacklustre Coen Brothers 2004 remake with Tom Hanks (55% on Rotten Tomatoes). For those of you who have been living under a rock and therefore too busy … Continue reading

Time Flies

Another week has flown by, and it’s Thursday already. How does it do that? Anyway, it’s now February, which seems odd to my mind since it feels like it was only December a week ago. I must be having fun for time to be passing so quickly. Or maybe I’ve been busy, who knows? Today … Continue reading

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