Time Flies

Another week has flown by, and it’s Thursday already. How does it do that? Anyway, it’s now February, which seems odd to my mind since it feels like it was only December a week ago. I must be having fun for time to be passing so quickly. Or maybe I’ve been busy, who knows?

Today I’m in work early. I generally only work afternoons, but I’m in this morning to help with interviews. Part of the interviewing for Public Service Supervisors involves a phone test, whereby the candidate is asked to phone a user to deal with a problem of some kind – it represents the sort of thing that they will have to do in the job. Basically, I’m voice acting. I sit at the end of a phone and play the concerned father or the irate archaeologist (Dr Jones!), or whatever the scenario we’re using this time is. It’s good fun. It also means I get the afternoon off!

Meanwhile, rehearsals got underway this week for Romeo & Juliet, which is all rather exciting. I’m looking forward to treading the boards once again, and acting like a horribly slimy Paris. No rehearsals yet for the other acting project – Stand Up & Jump – but that’s because I’m nipping away for the weekend to visit my girlfriend. She’s back in the country for an impromptu visit, so I’m heading down to see her. Should be a good weekend!

What’s new with writing? Well, not much. I’ve been rather busy over the last few weeks and haven’t had a lot of time for writing. I’m working on Coffee & TV III though, and hope to post that here tomorrow. The big news of course is that this month is publication month! Starting to feel simultaneously excited and apprehensive, which is weird. Really hope everyone likes the collection…! More news to follow on that, as and when I have it.

Ciao for now,

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