Valentine’s Day

There’s always something conflicting within me about Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s that I’ve spent the vast majority of them alone, looking inward at the happy couples and wishing just for one moment I could have what they have. Maybe it’s that, like so many of our festivals, they have lost their meaning in a sea of commerciality, where the intoxicating power of love is skipped over for the superficiality of mutual material remuneration. We are forced to buy cards, chocolates, flowers, gifts and so on and so forth. Now, before you brand me an unloving b*stard, I have no problem or objection in buying gifts for the person I love. It’s not that I object to. What I don’t like is the commerical reinforcement of it – the idea that something so pure and beautiful as love is reduced to a tawdry display of affection, with cheap, red cards covered in hearts that bear more resemblance to bottoms than to human hearts (and for good reason…!).

But all my objections to commercialisation of legendary figures and their noted attributes aside, today is a day for love and lovers. I know a lot of people who like to brand it Single’s Awareness Day, and run and hide because they personally don’t have someone with which to share it. I understand that, but I think it’s misguided. I have been lucky enough to be in love a few times in my life. I have been lucky enough to feel that torrent that is love; it fills your very being. I did not deserve it. I am now in love, and I do not deserve it. When I sit and contemplate love, I find it hard to put into words what it is or what it means, but I am also thankful that such a thing exists and that I can experience it. My life would be completely and utterly different if I did not have my lover, if I did not have that love, but I would not be unhappy on Valentine’s Day. I would be glad that there is still love in the world, and where there is love, there is always hope. We are told by corporations that Valentine’s Day is a day to exchange gifts with partners. We are told this and by believing it we exclude those who do not, for the time being, have someone. This is wrong. Everyone on earth can appreciate love. Everyone has felt it at some point, even if it was fleeting. Everyone has felt its absence and the dull grey monotony of the world without it. That human beings can share such a wondrous experience, and collectively understand and appreciate it, that is definitely something worth celebrating. So bollocks to all cards and chocolates arranged in hearts, let’s reclaim the day – let us make it a day for love, not a day for lovers.

If you have felt for a single second the awesome power that is love – love of anyone or anything – and been motivated by its purity to be better, to strive harder, to do more or just to smile then celebrate the day with me and a Happy Valentine’s to you.

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”
  1. eden baylee says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Nick. There are many forms of love, and if the world was a perfect place, we’d be celebrating it daily. However, since it’s not, I have no objection to this special day to remind us of all the loves in our lives.

    Hope your day is wonderful,

    • Nick says:

      Hi Eden,

      Thanks for stopping by! We certainly should be celebrating it daily, it is rare and precious =)

      Hope you’re day is wonderful too,

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