Learning Lines & Competitions

I’ve not had a lot of time to write recently, which is why I’ve mainly been focusing on poetry. I have to write at least once in the space of four days otherwise I start to get antsy and annoyed, but a quick poem takes the edge off. Mostly, I’ve been learning lines for Stand Up and Jump written by the talented James Staynings and due to be performed by Leicester University Theatre from 14th to 16th March. I’m also learning lines for the smaller part of Paris in Romeo & Juliet the following week. Filling my head with other people’s work, however, has sapped a bit of my own creativity. Not that I’m complaining, but I look forward to doing some more writing after the plays are over.

But I also had some good news today – I came runner up in the Annual M.R. Mathias Dragon Poetry Competition! I didn’t have very high hopes, not because I didn’t like my entry, but just because there are loads of great poets out there, so it’s a great feeling to have been chosen. I’m looking forward to the resultant anthology, which is bound to contain some great poetry and is aimed at raising money for the charity Smile Train.

What was my entry? Well, you’ll have to wait and buy the anthology, won’t you?

One Response to “Learning Lines & Competitions”
  1. Jack palmer says:

    Let me guess it was to do with dragons?

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