Avengers Assemble!

Monday seems to have sneaked (or snuck) around again inordinately fast. On the down side this means having to go to work (boo! hiss!) but this also means that it’s time for a blog (stop booing at the back!). To be honest the main reason Monday seems to have come around so soon is because … Continue reading


How do you prefer to write? I like to write out things by hand first and then type them up later, and there are two main reasons for this. 1) Holding a pen in my hand makes me feel more connected to what I’m writing – there’s a certain impersonality about typing directly into a … Continue reading

Fresh Air, Fresh Perspective

My friend and fellow writer, Diani Davies, recently posted a great blog about inspiration, which you can have a little look at here. Whilst you’re there do check out her blog and writing; you won’t regret it. One of the things she highlighted in that blog post, which, of course, you’ve now all read thoroughly, … Continue reading

Birthday Bard

William Shakespeare

“There was a star danced, and under that was I born.” – William Shakespeare This weekend, as some of you more learned and cultured people (or perhaps you live in Stratford or watch the news) out there might know, marks the celebration of William Shakespeare‘s birthday.

How to Write A Ten Minute Play

As many of you will know – and all of you should know since I’m always mentioning it. You better hurry up and get revising. There’s an exam at the end of term – I belong to a group called Proteus Productions, part of Leicester University Theatre dedicated to writing, directing, and performing new short … Continue reading

Inspired Quill’s Birthday

It’s publishing house Inspired Quill‘s birthday this week, and as one of their writers I was asked to contribute a post to celebrate the auspicious day. Hopefully you were able to trundle over there and see my post, but for those of you who are link challenged, here it is reproduced: Happy birthday to you! … Continue reading

New Life & Easter Holidays

One of my best friends from school is now a father. His son, Freddie, was born on 1st April at 18.50, weighing 7lb 14oz. So the first thing I have to say is a big congratulations to Alec and Emma Bell, and welcome to their new son! I’m sure all of you guys will be … Continue reading

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