Avengers Assemble!

Monday seems to have sneaked (or snuck) around again inordinately fast. On the down side this means having to go to work (boo! hiss!) but this also means that it’s time for a blog (stop booing at the back!). To be honest the main reason Monday seems to have come around so soon is because I had an absolutely full and fun weekend.

My friends, Gibbs, Chris, and Craig, converged on my house to take a group trip to see the Avengers film and then to do some roleplay, which I’ve been missing for a long time. Okay, there may be spoilers coming up, so if you haven’t yet seen Avengers skip the rest of this paragraph. Cue fanboy gushing – Avengers was epic. And I mean that in both senses of the word. To be honest, it’s hard to find a single thing wrong with it, but that may be just because for the majority I was sitting opened mouthed in awe. Dealing with multiple superheroes in a film is always problematic – Spider-man 3 is a perfect example of how too many supers spoils the broth. Avengers doesn’t have this problem at all. The film is reasonably balanced in terms of coverage of the characters, and we get to see all of them do their thing. They even got Hulk right, which given that film franchises track history is impressive. It’s such a beautifully made film, with just the right amount of action, character, and balls out geekiness (Thanks, Joss Whedon!). The humour isn’t forced as it has been in some of the other Avengers lead-up films, and there are some brilliant moments between characters outside of their respective powers. I admit it, I got lost in the film. Absolutely, irrefutably immersed. Couloson’s death(highlight to see spoiler) was genuinely shocking and saddening. There’s also the “can they say that?”/”it’s so epic they said that” moment where Loki calls Black Widow a “mewling quim”. The line is delivered beautifully, fits well with the character delivering it as well. Maybe it’s lost on Americans and other non-Brits, but also it avoids a rather more offensive word. There’s a lot of speculation of the feminising aspect of the word, but I can’t say that I thought of it in that context. Whatever; I’m not here to start an argument about that. Anyway, Avengers is so good, I’m definitely seeing it again and it’s not often you can say that about movies these days (at the prices here specifically!). If you haven’t seen it – go see it now. No, right now. Forget the rest of this blog, I’ll keep talking until you get back. Go, go, go! And don’t leave till after the credits or you won’t see who’s up next on the Avengers hit list (it’s mid-credit, not after credits).

The rest of the weekend was spent roleplaying, which I have sorely missed. It’s great to bust out the funny shaped dice and do some adventuring again. I had an absolutely cracking time playing in two different settings and kicking some fictional ass. I need to sort out a roleplay group Leicester way, which I’m making a start on already. Also, met up with my lovely and very talented friend, Edward, which was good because I haven’t seen him since before Easter.

So, all in all a damn good weekend. If you need me I’ll be at the cinema. Avengers Assemble!

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