Three Wishes & Not Sleeping Well

“Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.” – Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

Those of you who read here regularly or who have read Three Worlds might well be under the impression that I don’t sleep well. And you’d be completely and utterly right. Last night was a particularly bad one, in which I slept for very few hours and there’s a great chance that as soon as I’m done with this update I’ll go back and try to pinch another couple just to make it through the day. It’s good that I can actually get away with this.

Last night afforded me the opportunity to write some poems however, so it wasn’t all a loss. I share them with you now, plus another one called Three Wishes which was in yet another notebook (I know, I know!)

Three Wishes

I wish I had the courage
To tell you how pretty you are
How seeing your face fills me
With a mixture of desire, joy, and envy.

I wish I had the words
To tell you how perfect you are
How listening to your soft voice
Brings tears to my eyes and a song to my lips.

I wish I had the words and the courage
To tell you all of these things.
But more than anything I wish
That you would believe me if I did tell you.

A Change of Scene

I thought a café trip might stop me from feeling apprehensive,
But it’s just like being stuck at home and the coffee’s more expensive.


I’m tired with the light on
But not when it goes out.
When it’s on I’m struck silent
When its off I want to shout.
In the dark I break out laughing
In the light I begin to weep
The clock says it’s three thirty
For God’s sake – let me sleep!

A Year Abroad

Follow these rules for survival
(Because a year apart’s no ball)
Write to them as often as you can
Or don’t let them go at all.


I’ve heard it all before
She doesn’t think she’s pretty.
She can’t be persuaded that
She’s clever, gorgeous, witty.
I wonder if someone different
Could tell her these things better
But the way she thinks about herself
I’d swear she’d never met her.

Nice Girls

Why do nice girls think they’re ugly
When obviously they’re not?
Why do they strenuously deny
That they ever could be hot?
Forget what’s in the mirror,
Although that’s perfectly alright,
It’s the beauty you have inside
That makes you shine so bright.

Raven Tresses, after Byron

She walks in beauty, like the night,
Of cloudless climes and starry skies.
Except she’s not like any star;
No, she’s prettier by far.

Not Sleeping Together

When you find that you can’t sleep
With worries on your mind
Pad bare foot to the window
And slowly raise the blind.
Look at the unlit houses
The dark and deserted streets
Everyone’s sleeping soundly
Snuggled up beneath the sheets.
The moon and all the stars
Are shining just for you
Take comfort in their soft light
And that I’m thinking of you.

Exam Worry

Remember this when your revision
Has made you anxious and pale:
My love for you doesn’t hinge upon
Whether you pass or you fail.

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