Taking the Fifth

Taking the Fifth Ba da ba daa. Sandy whistled Beethoven’s Fifth to himself as he walked purposefully through the market. It was early morning, the grey light of an autumnal dawn spread itself tentatively across the narrow streets surrounding the open market place. The traders were already here, tying tarpaulin covers to metal structures that … Continue reading

Oscars & Surprises

Last night was the Leicester University Theatre Society Awards, which we call the Oscars. It’s always a good night where everyone has the chance to dress up in their finest and shimmy on down to a top class locale for champagne and the awards ceremony. It’s always a good night and this year promised to … Continue reading

Life, Writing, & the Bardathon

William Shakespeare

I thought I’d give you a quick update on what’s going on in the world of Nick, since I haven’t done so in a while. It’s end of term here, so work has been very busy as return of books blossoms and someone has to try to fit them all into this library. Not me, … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: After the Fall

After the Fall Clouds loomed overhead, filling the sky to the horizon, the only light coming from the occasional lances of lightning arcing towards the earth. Thunder rolled in the heavens and rain poured down in a torrent. In a wide expanse of field, caught in the eye of the storm, two figures were walking, … Continue reading


Moonshine The street lights cast their isolated amber glow, barely bright enough to light more than a small radius around them. Alex, trudging down the pavement, vaguely remembered something in the local rag about the street lights being too bright, but he hadn’t read the article properly. It could have been that they were not … Continue reading

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