The Island

The Island (This story is dedicated to Holly Ellis for providing the picture prompt and a word prompt: “ribbon”) Jessica ran towards the edge of the lake, fallen acorns and old pine cones kicking up from her shoes. Grasshoppers leapt away from her rampage through their territory and butterflies swirled in the air, dancing their … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 7

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Tornmile Part VII: A Thief in the Night It was only a few hours to dawn and Brielle stood at the window looking out over Tornmile, the night air cool on her skin. She shivered slightly and goose bumps made their way up her arms, but she did nothing to adjust the silk sheets wrapped … Continue reading

The Swirl & Other Poems

Today I’m going to share some poetry with you rather than a short story in honour of the first book review for Three Worlds. Lisa Stull, author of A Thirty-Something Girl and Contemplations (which you should check out, by the way) has reviewed Three Worlds, and you can read that review here. A massive thank … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 6

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Tornmile Part VI: The Blacksmith’s Striker Concealed in the canopy of a low hanging tree, Johreel lowered the leather tubed telescope from his eye and tried to shift to a less uncomfortable position. He never quite seemed to get used to sitting in trees; they were few and far between in the sands of his … Continue reading


Before I launch on to the generally talking about stuff that I get up to when I’m not posting stories, poems, or plays for your delectation, I’d just like to take a moment to highlight my recent interview with Eden Baylee, beautiful writer of erotica (get her new book, Spring Into Summer, right this very … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 5

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Tornmile Part V: A Question of Honour The hiss of water striking against hot stone, which was a constant feature of the chamber in which Mishak sat, felt like the knelling of the Great Bell in the silence that stretched itself between the two men. The chamber, by the gaoler’s own admission, was a torture … Continue reading

The Strength of the Pack: Part 1

The Strength of the Pack Part I: The Best Laid Schemes He felt his hands slipping from the drainpipe but there was nothing he could do to prevent himself from falling. Bushes enveloped him as he fell, going over on his ankle and sprawling face down on the lawn. Laughter came from above. Connor looked … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 4

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Tornmile Part IV: By Any Other Name A cheerful sun tickled the undersides of fluffy white clouds and sparkled in every colour of the rainbow on the surface of a lake with water clear as crystal. The earth was hot beneath Brielle’s bare feet and her light, floating dress brushed softly against her legs. She … Continue reading


Recycling The sun blazed brightly behind the cloud cover, turning the whole sky into a light box. Despite the glare of the sunshine, rain still sleeted heavily from the sky, sending humans scurrying for cover in shop doorways or huddling under umbrellas. Miniature rivers coursed in the gutters, converging into great lakes where the overworked … Continue reading

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