Before I launch on to the generally talking about stuff that I get up to when I’m not posting stories, poems, or plays for your delectation, I’d just like to take a moment to highlight my recent interview with Eden Baylee, beautiful writer of erotica (get her new book, Spring Into Summer, right this very second!). It went live today and though reading back my own words that aren’t something I’ve written makes me cringe a little (that’s normal, right?), do please go and have a read and then look about Eden’s site whilst you’re there: Inside the Author’s Mind: Nick Palmer. Thanks a lot!

So, what have I assembled you here to talk about today was the subject of acknowledgements. Does anyone read the acknowledgements sections in books? I have on occasion skimmed through, depending on how much I liked the book and how much I wanted to know more about the writer, but they all seem to be a bit predictable. Friends, family, publishers, editors, etc. A few special and honourable mentions. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, since that’s really what acknowledgements is for – acknowledging those people who have helped shape the book in your hands and all the people who’ve helped you over the time it’s been in production. If you read the acknowledgements in Three Worlds, you’ll find that mine doesn’t differ from this fairly standard way of writing.

I didn’t come here to bash the quality of acknowledgements the world over. What I came to say was that writing them is quite hard to break away from that formula for the very reason that you can’t list every single person by name and because the same sorts of sets of people do tend to be the most helpful. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s an acknowledgement that you won’t find in Three Worlds, that was a bit of an oversight on my part that I wanted to correct today.

That is to everyone. Yes, you included, sitting there in your desk chair/armchair/train seat/beanbag/café stool/gutter/supermarket trolley/inter-galactic battle station soaking up my words. But I’m not thanking you for reading this blog, although of course I do – thank you, by the way – and between you and me people who read my blog are 30% cooler than everyone else. Seriously. I didn’t make that up, it’s science. There used to be a common parlance that smoking makes you 30% cooler (okay, it was in an episode of House MD), so reading my blog is as cool as smoking used to be, without the problems of nicotine addiction, nicotine staining, and all the horrible fatal diseases that smoking brings.

I’ve diverted myself from the point somewhat. What I’m thanking you all for, and by you I mean you all reading this and you all who are unaware I exist let alone my 30%-cooler-making-blog, is for being around. From walking down the street and seeing kids running and playing an innocent game that brings a smile to the face, to the romantic gestures I’ve witnessed, to funny stuff overheard, to the occasional pretty girl who smiles at me as I walk by (trust me, that is so very occasional. And greatly appreciated.) You have all been doing excellent jobs and well done you.

Now I realise that this is starting to come across as condescending. Allow me to explain/dig myself out of a hole further. Sometimes I have ideas from overhearing conversations. Sometimes I have an idea and seeing something that makes me smile imbues with a sense of well being about the world that makes me want to write the idea down. Sometimes I get annoyed at the state of the world and going outside reminds me that there are decent people out there and then I feel much better. Inspiration is not as rare as you might think, but it is a very precious thing, and so far as I know no one has ever thanked everyone for all that hard work of being alive. So, thank you for reaffirming my faith in humanity. Thank you for inspiring stories, ideas, and characters. Though we may never meet, though the character you inspire may be nothing like you, though you may never read a single shred of my words, I thank you from the bottom of my writer’s heart for keeping me going.

Yeah, still didn’t manage to get away from condescending. Sorry about that. But here’s a little thing for you all to do. Leave me a comment below of the people you’d put in your acknowledgements, whether that be for a book you’re writing, or just for the book of your life. Let’s spread some thankfulness, some positivity, and some appreciation for the people who deserve it. Who makes your acknowledgements and why?

5 Responses to “Acknowledgements”
  1. Well, as we all know, there’s no chance of my being published anytime soon. -Chuckles- But I agree with you, it’s incredibly difficult. I suppose it depends on how you want to use the Acknowledgements. Inspirations? Supporters? Teachers? All very different and all just as valid as the next. And as we know, Acknowledgements are different to the dedication, even!

    • Nick says:

      I know, don’t even get me started on the dedication! That’s a nightmare. Who do you dedicate it to? Because people are more likely to read that, because it’s a bit shorter, and if you don’t include someone then they’ll feel bad or you will. It’s a bit of a mine field. Also, please, you may dust off the heroes book and see what’s what? 😉 Thanks for commenting, Sara!


  2. Charlotte says:

    I’d thank Shakespeare, not because his work necessarily influenced me, but due to the fact that through performing his works I have met so many incredible people, each with a warm heart and a ready smile. I’d also thank those aforementioned people for always being there and brightening my day by their very existence and for their hugs!

    In addition to Shakespeare and good friends, I’d also thank the wonderful people who first introduced Tea to England (believed to be Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II). As daft as that may sound, I find that a cup of tea really does solve most things, including giving me energy in the morning!

    I’d also thank anyone who is a friend. Friendship means so much to me, as it does to many, and it really warms my heart to see acts of friendship, whether it would be a child sharing their favourite toy or an elderly couple walking hand in hand. Friendship has the ability to change a moment, a day, a life even a person. So to all those people who are a friend and who display acts of friendship, whoever you are, whatever your age, thank you!

    I would also have to thank your good self, Nick, for getting me to write this down and making me realise all the little things I am grateful for! Have a good day, I know that I will! 🙂 xx

  3. Charlotte says:

    I’d also add to my list, Lord and Lady Baden Powell (and all my leaders) for all the opportunities I have had through Guiding, and for enabling me to give something back to the community, as a young leader and leader! 🙂

    (This is for a book of my life as I am nowhere near intelligent enough to actually publish a book! Not even sure if that last bit even made sense! haha)

    • Nick says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      That’s a good long list and I’d have to agree with every single one of them, excepting the Guiding, but I was in Scouting from Beavers to Ventures so I know a little of where you’re coming from with that.

      How could anyone forget tea 🙂 I’m a coffee drinker, really, but I do love a tea now and then. Perks you right up. I’m going to make a fresh cup right now and drink to your health. Thanks for commenting!


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