The Swirl & Other Poems

Today I’m going to share some poetry with you rather than a short story in honour of the first book review for Three Worlds. Lisa Stull, author of A Thirty-Something Girl and Contemplations (which you should check out, by the way) has reviewed Three Worlds, and you can read that review here. A massive thank you to Lisa for her review!

So, without further ado here are some new poems:

The Swirl

On a crowded platform, all around me
confusion. Body sticky from early morning heat
and the walk to the station.
The train approaches, late again.
I turn towards it, eager to be off,
And she is there. Clutching coffee,
Mobile phone in hand.
Her hair is golden, her eyes bright.
I smile at her; a tentative act.
She begins to smile and then is lost
In the swirl of boarding.

The Girl on the Birmingham Train

I want to feel your lips on mine
The brush of your hair on my cheek
To stand behind you, arms encircling you
My breath kissing your neck
To trace the contours of your body
Like a devoted cartographer
Feeling your pulse quicken at my touch
The breath sighing from your mouth
But you’re just a stranger on a train
I don’t even know your name.


Two dads take their collective kids out
The end of the outing; time on the water.
Students on holiday take turns to turn
The wheel on their motorboat; number 13.
The couples pay the nut brown ferryman
His chains draw them gently across the river.
Children waving from a tourist launch
Get eager responses from both banks.
A man in Miranda impresses Valerie, his date,
With his rowing skill; she smiles serenely.
I sit alone on the bank and watch.

The Pen is Mightier

If you compared a sword and pen
The sword would be the stronger:
It has the keener cuts. But then,
The pen’s cuts last much longer.

Artistic Limits

Push too hard and every time,
You’ll find that the art is gone.
Because a poem will die from forcing the rhyme,
Exactly like this one.

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