A Shadow & Missing Piece

A Shadow (03/09/2012) Drawn to every mention of your name, Like a moth to a flickering flame. You’re just a shadow of an earlier time, So get out of my mind.

Tornmile: Part 11

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Tornmile Part XI: Vengeance Denied If Ferrer was at all surprised by Brielle’s pronouncement of a death sentence, he did not show it. Instead, he raised a hand to his face, leaning on it, elbow propped against the edge of his desk. He could have been exceedingly bored. “I see,” he said, “then perhaps you … Continue reading

The Hobbit: 75 Years On

My dear People. My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear Tooks and Brandybucks, and Grubbs, and Chubbs, and Burrowses, and Hornblowers, and Bolgers, Bracegirdles, Goodbodies, Brockhouses and Proudfoots. (Proudfeet!) Today is the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit!

Tornmile: Part 10

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  Tornmile Part X: Escape from the Spire Mishak stood at the door of the torture chamber wondering how Josse and Eloi planned on getting out; besides the numerous guards assigned to the prison itself, there would be more if they went through the Spire who would immediately attack anyone branded with an ‘M’ as … Continue reading

The Strength of the Pack: Part 2

The Strength of the Pack Part II: The Scent of Fear Fireworks exploded in the night sky, stars and rockets in a myriad of colours crackling into nothingness to the admiration of the crowd below. It was a little overcast tonight, by comparison to the clear blue sky of the day, but the cloud cover … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 9

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Tornmile Part IX: Into the Lion’s Den Brielle prodded her captive forward, urging him to a faster walk with the sharp point of the mermaid inscribed dagger. She kept a sharp eye on him as well, even though she would rather be watching the shadows for signs of Ferrer’s men, or even the City Watch. … Continue reading

The Hands of a Healer

The Hands of a Healer Sam woke from his usual dreams irritable and tired. He looked at the alarm clock by the bed out of routine, rather than from a wish to know the time. Sunlight circumvented his attempts to block it out by creeping around the sides of the blinds and over the top … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 8

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Tornmile Part 8: Running with Wolves Mishak sat in his cell looking blankly at the wall and idly scratching the skin beneath which a small silver arrowhead still lay. He could not tell by the dim light this cell afforded, even in board daylight, whether the wound had grown redder since he had last looked … Continue reading

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