Tornmile: Part 16

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Tornmile Part XVI: A Dead End Pacing the corridors of the Crucible, Johreel tried to set things right in his mind. He had been sent to kill three people; a high ranking nobleman, part of the King’s Council, a blacksmith that worked in a small village, and a librarian, an expert on relics. These were … Continue reading

The Fluff

It’s been an interesting week (how has it been a week already?), but it’s drawing to a close and I’m looking forward to a week off from work next week. Don’t worry, they’ll still be brand new Tornmile on Monday and an update on Friday as usual. Just one bit of admin before I bring … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 15

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Tornmile Part XV: A Stitch in Time Mishak’s eyes opened in the darkness, eyelids blinking, trying to force his eyes to focus on the shapes in the room. There was a room, at least he thought there was, and it troubled him that he couldn’t make out anything in front of him. His limbs felt … Continue reading


Versions Spotlight. ONE sits in spotlight. Head down. Looks up. ONE How are you today? Pause  Who are you? Pause We’re never the same person all the time. That’s the biggest and most inconsequential lie we tell ourselves. That we’re always the same, and situations change. But it can’t be because… well… when you think … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 14

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Tornmile Part XIV: Thicker Than Water Mishak could not remember falling asleep but he jerked awake as the cart came to a standstill, the horse snorting and stamping in the harness. His neck was sore and his eyes were heavy, but he forced himself to lean forward. Eloi and Josse had already dismounted and were … Continue reading

The Strength of the Pack: Part 3

The Strength of the Pack Part III: Silent Night Snow settled in Connor’s hair. Wind whipped at the thin, dirty shirt he was wearing and he lifted his hands automatically to warm them with his breath, even though the cold did not touch him. He was used to the cold and embraced it; numbness kept … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 13

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Tornmile Part XIII: Cloak and Dagger Johreel sat in the queue outside the East Gate of Tornmile, the impatient shouts of farmers behind him lost as he ran over the contract in his head. It seemed simple enough – the target, a librarian named Remiel, was an old man, who worked in the library and … Continue reading

Another Year Alone & Goodbye

Sunset over Mill Green

Another Year Alone The months go by much quicker And it’s not that I mind getting old.

Tornmile: Part 12

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Tornmile Part XII: Trial & Error A hazy sunlight fell through the tall windows set high up in the side of the building, falling on stack after stack of heavy leather bound tomes. Motes of dust danced with one another in the shafts of light and gold leaf lettering sparkled between the shelves’ dark wood. … Continue reading

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