The Fluff

It’s been an interesting week (how has it been a week already?), but it’s drawing to a close and I’m looking forward to a week off from work next week. Don’t worry, they’ll still be brand new Tornmile on Monday and an update on Friday as usual. Just one bit of admin before I bring you a brand new poem and that’s that I am appearing on my lovely friend James Ward’s radio show on Sunday at 11am, talking all things literary in Culture Corner. Do please listen in if you can at the LUSH Radio site.

Thank you. And now without further ado, a brand new poem. Happy Friday everyone.

The Fluff
(Inspired by a conversation with Edward Spence)

Life is the fluff in my jeans;
I pay it no real mind.
I’m always on autopilot
When I’m at the daily grind.

‘Cause my thoughts are always elsewhere –
I think you know where I mean.
Strange what reminds me of you,
Like the fluff I found in my jeans.

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