Things I Know

There are things I know, things that I’m scared to say. Not dark things, not really.

Tornmile: Part 20

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Tornmile Part XX: Recovery Mishak sat in front of the fire dipping bread into hot stew and waiting for it to cool down sufficiently to eat it properly. His shoulder no longer itched, but he was not sure that the dull throbbing pain that had replaced it was preferable. It hurt worse than usual now, … Continue reading

A New Project

So, play proposals has come and gone, which means I have some news: my plays The Way Things Are and Now or Never, which follow the same main characters at two different parts of their lives are going to be out on by Leicester University Theatre on 5-7 March 2013 under the umbrella title of … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 19

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Tornmile Part XIX: Trading Blows As she walked down the corridor Brielle’s skirts made sounds like waves breaking on a sandy beach, reminding her of a childhood trip to a cove outside the city. Her mother had been with them; it was very long ago, barely a memory at all, just a hazy collection of … Continue reading

The Scythe

Thought I’d give you all a quick update on what I’ve been up to before I give you a poem for today. I’ve been focusing on learning lines for the upcoming play: Noël Coward’s Still Life, which is being performed 29th November to 1st December in Queens Hall. If you’re a theatre person and can … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 18

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Tornmile Part XVIII: Work To Be Done Johreel checked the flaps on the saddle bags and adjusted the fastenings to ensure that nothing would be lost if he rode the horse at high speed across broken ground. He had packed lightly but with enough provision that he wouldn’t have to stop too often if he … Continue reading

We Will Remember Them

In Memoriam In Normandy amongst fields of green I saw rows of graves, white and clean Those who in the war gave their lives They liberated France, but what survives? What lessons do these graves now tell? Should we, the young, give our lives as well? I touch the stone of a soldier unknown Should … Continue reading

The Strength of the Pack: Part 4

The Strength of the Pack Part IV: Fear Itself Connor’s eyes snapped open. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs as he emerged hazily from sleep; the icy ground beneath his side meant that he must have slept outside again. Snow fell, pure white, from the sky settling in his hair and biting like … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 17

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Tornmile Part XVII: A New Venture Brielle huddled close to Darian as they moved out of Ferrer’s complex and into the street outside. Darian’s curricle stood opposite the entrance to the complex, the horses’ reins being held by a middle aged man with specks of silver in his black hair. He had a strong jaw … Continue reading


Ambitions If I could write as well as Wendy I’d be happy. I’d take any kind of torment on the chin. Even if both my eyes went completely blurry I’d write and write and never lose my grin.

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