We Will Remember Them

In Memoriam

In Normandy amongst fields of green
I saw rows of graves, white and clean
Those who in the war gave their lives
They liberated France, but what survives?

What lessons do these graves now tell?
Should we, the young, give our lives as well?
I touch the stone of a soldier unknown
Should I die for my country far from home?

We will be poor students to those who died?
Should the peace they died for be pushed aside?
Will refusal to learn be our pall?
Can we not rest till war has killed us all?

Put down our weapons, embrace one another!
Love and be loved as sister and brother
With enemies make friends and forgive.
Is the lesson not that we should live?

Known Unto God

Stood in the sunshine, row on row
Where small birds sing and flowers grow
The resting place of those who gave
Their lives; all too young, all too brave.

No knowledge of their given name
No families’ love, no heroes’ fame
No record now of the paths they trod
“A soldier of the war, 1939-1945
Known unto God.”

The War Graves

There is nothing as eerie as those cemeteries:
The blue sky vaulting them,
the bird song the only sound breaking the peace.

And stone on stone on stone.
A place where it’s impossible not to feel the dead around you
to feel their sacrifice.

And so it should be, lest we forget.

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