Advice For Life

New Tornmile, ‘Plebgate’ revelations, a complete lack of apocalypse (well, of course you really expect one?): it’s been a hell of a busy week. Today I worked a few more hours than usual, since it was the last day before the Christmas holidays and we were a bit short staffed. So after an extra 3 hours in a library (where, let’s face it, it would be inappropriate to be festive, let alone merry), I am home and ready to feel festive and to get merry. A beer is open, a mammoth pizza is cooking, and I’ve cracked on the Christmas tunes.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about is Christmas cards. Every year I sit down and write them and I give them out. Every year I get quite a few and read all the messages. It’s all great. But there are inevitably people I don’t see but have a card for and come January 2nd they just sit there taking up space. So this year I thought I’d try and see as many of you as possible and say Merry Christmas in person and instead of giving that money to card makers, I’d give it to a charity that really does puts it’s arms around the world – at Christmas and always. So, I’m raising a bit of money for Oxfam and I’m asking all my lovely friends, family, and readers to give me a bit of help in the Christmas spirit. So if you’ve got a few pounds or pence to spare, please donate to my Christmas Card fund. Thank you!

Now, as the Mayans seem to have been wrong and you’ll all have to go on enjoying Christmas, here’s a poem called Advice for Life:

Advice for Life

Where should I go and what shouldn’t I do?
Give me some advice for life.
This above all: to thine own self be true.

But what if I wind up, lonely, and blue,
Because they don’t like that I’m strange?
There’s nothing wrong with just being you.

Love is confusing and chances are few;
Should I be a mistress or wife?
This above all: to thine own self be true.

How do I snare someone tender and true
Who’ll give me their heart in exchange?
There’s nothing wrong with just being you.

How do I deal with the noise and the strife
That comes with life’s constant change?
This above all: to thine own self be true.
There’s nothing wrong with just being you.

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