Tornmile: Part 33

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Tornmile Part XXXIII: Shadows of the Past Mishak moved through the trees listening to the sounds of the forest; somewhere above him the leaves rustled as a bird flexed its wings and further away he could hear the snuffle of some creature in the undergrowth. He puzzled over what it could be. A badger? No, … Continue reading

Show Your Support: The Way Things Are

As keen eyed readers will know, a play what I wrote is being performed in March with Leicester University Theatre. It’s called The Way Things Are and hopefully you’ve already moseyed over to the page here on my website and had a look at what it’s all about. Hopefully, you’re also thinking of coming along or even … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 32

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Tornmile Part XXXII: A Captured Spy “Konrad’s been captured.” Darian’s voice did not waver as he said the words, but the tone was flat. The joy and charm with which he usually spoke had gone; it frightened Brielle a little and part of her wished that he showed more of his concern on his face. … Continue reading

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Melanie woke up shivering, her forearm resting on the bare stone. It was still dark, something that didn’t seem to change about this mountain range; it had been well over a week since she had seen the sun, only a shade longer than she had been in the mountains. She was lost, that … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 31

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Tornmile Part XXXI: Hot Water Brielle eased her eyes open and drew a deep breath of contentment as the last rays of dawn burst through the shutters and warmed her bare skin. She looked at the empty half of the bed next to her a little regretfully, though she knew Darian would not be in … Continue reading

The Heart of the Forest: Part 3

The Heart of the Forest Part 3 – The Vessel Robin smelt leaf-mould and damp earth, felt the crush of twigs beneath his skin. Gradually, cautiously, he opened his eyes. He was lying face down on the ground; beetles crawled across the leaves inches from his head. He jerked into a sitting position and wiped … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 30

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Tornmile Part XXX: The Silver Blade “What are you waiting for?” Johreel stood still, staring down at Seren, and realised that he had been doing so for some time. Her hand was still wrapped around his and though he still held the dagger in his hand, the urge to use it, to end her life, … Continue reading

The Heart of the Forest: Part 2

The Heart of the Forest Part 2: Esther & Amber “Essie?” He moved towards the stone archway, thinking that she must have moved off. Maybe she thought she had seen the path and decided to check if that was what it was. He moved under the archway and called her name again, but she was … Continue reading

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