Tornmile: Part 42

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Tornmile Part XLII: Necessary Sacrifice Johreel flexed his left hand as he moved down the corridor, enjoying the freedom from the splints. The surgeon had been surprised at the rate of recovery, but pleased that it had healed so well. Johreel was pleased to have his hand back in working order, though it still hurt … Continue reading

Spotlight On: James David Ward

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of Spotlight On. Today, I will be turning the spotlight on James D. Ward, a close and valued friend of mine, but also a fantastic writer. He writes in all sorts of genres and styles, from poetry to prose, from playwriting to other sets of things beginning with … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 41

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Tornmile Part XLI: Questions & Answers The sound of horses’ hooves echoed around the courtyard, announcing the arrival of Dunstan Ferrer to the safe house. Mishak sat on the edge of the hayloft looking down into the stable, just as he had been since Marthe left to fetch Ferrer. Mishak had considered moving the bodies … Continue reading

It’s A Primal Thing

Many of you will have noticed that it’s coming up to summer, the season where that yellow ball of fire in the sky reminds us that one day it will expand and wipe us all out in an instantaneous fiery blast.1 Many of us – myself included – will be indulging in lounging about in … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 40

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Tornmile Part XL: Honour & Duty Brielle followed Darian up the next flight of stairs and was disappointed to see that the tapestries bearing coats of arms had stopped, replaced with similar pictures to those in the recesses in the First Hall and other events from the reigns of the kings. The stairs continued up … Continue reading

Until The Call

Until the Call I can’t promise to never leave you. I can’t promise it, no matter what my heart wants to say, because there are lands that I will have to explore on my own: lands that we grow to in time.

Tornmile: Part 39

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Tornmile Part XXXIX: The Heart of Government Brielle adjusted the sword belt so that it hung less awkwardly on her hip. Though she preferred it behind her shoulder, she was used to the weight, but navigating the crowded market place meant that the sword was inconvenient. She had debated about whether she would wear it: … Continue reading

Every Little Absence & Other Poems

Every Little Absence  My heart is heavy. The hours stretch since I have heard your voice: I feel angry at myself. At my own stupidity, my heavy heart.

Tornmile: Part 38

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Tornmile Part XXXVIII: Traitors Within Riding the long path to the Crucible once again, Johreel missed the long climb that usually waited at the end of his journeys: that at least would have busied his hands and kept his thoughts on the ascent and Kamahl, rather than the task awaiting him inside the fortress above. … Continue reading

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