Every Little Absence & Other Poems

Every Little Absence

 My heart is heavy.
The hours stretch since I have heard your voice:
I feel angry at myself.
At my own stupidity, my heavy heart.

 But all the colours of my world depend on you:
Without you my world is grey,
Like a dismal day at the beach.

 The tide retreats, leaving me in the rain.
Gulls caw. The wind blows through my coat.
Where are you?

Goggle Box

The jingles in the constant ads.
The newest celebrity diet fads.
Being told what to cook and how,
and history had Nazis – wow!

It makes me quite unhappy with my station,
Every channel shows a lack of motivation:
I struggle to get out of bed.

Tomorrow I shall turn the TV off
and read a book instead.

Turning 28

 I have learned the secret wisdom of the years:
The older you get the hairier your ears.


 One man can’t know the future.
A button pressed:
This is for everyone.

New Chat Service

‘What colour are your pants?’
Is the first question in your mind.
‘Thanks for using library chat,
They’re black, I think you’ll find.

 And what about your knickers?’
I type out and send your way.
A mischievous smile. The click of keys.
‘Knickers? What are they?’

An Overdue Apology

It’s my fault that she hates me
and wishes I’d never met her.
I should have looked beyond my pain
and treated that girl better.

What My Heart Can Do

 Bare trees rake the sky with broken fingers.
Ice hangs from their branches and cracks their trunks.
Dark clouds loom like vultures, threatening an eternity of rain.

Wind howls down the street; a lost child begging for its mother.
Hands encased in gloves, scarf wound like a noose,
Tight to the neck – still not enough to stop the chill.

My body is dying because my Sun is gone away,
My mind is losing the battle; I sleepwalk on.

My heart will be safe. It will beat loudly and warm the earth.

It will turn the clouds away and colour the trees;
Fill their branches with leaves, mend their wounds,
Cradle the wind and sing it a soothing song.

You will walk in golden fire from the sky,
Legs and arms bare, blossom in your hair,
Because my heart can do these things
And because it is with you.

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