Spotlight On: Benjamin Maltz-Jones

Welcome back for another exciting instalment of Spotlight On. This month I will be turning the spotlight on Benjamin Maltz-Jones, who, in addition to writing, also does a ridiculously good impression of Mickey Mouse. He is an actor, both of voice and of stage, and he will go on to some excellent things in the … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 46

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Tornmile Part XLVI: An Unexpected Meeting “Fools!” Darian said angrily as they made their way down the staircase away from the Chamber of Governance, “Bloody pontificating bloody fools!” Brielle had never seen Darian angry; he was usually in such control of what he was feeling. Even when he spoke of Ferrer he did it in … Continue reading

Like The Wind…Sort Of

For those of you who don’t stalk me on Twitter, you may be ignorant of the fact that I’ve recently taken up running. Since a week last Wednesday I’ve run about 50km (running around 5.1km every day, with one day off). Before a week last Wednesday I had run approximately 0km in the last 2 … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 45

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Tornmile Part XLV: What Lies Hidden Johreel choked on snow and bitter cold bit at his skin. With effort, he rolled onto his back and coughed the snow from his mouth and throat, then laid breathing deeply and staring up at the sky. There was a pain in his face, a line of agony striking … Continue reading


Lately, I’ve been getting a little frustrated with marketing books on Twitter, so forgive me if this turns into more of a rant than I intend at the outset. I use Twitter a lot and I welcome any and all who follow me and want to hear my thoughts on my life and writing. (As … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 44

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Tornmile Part XLIV: Honourable Scum Mishak tapped his mug on the ring stained bar to call for a refill and waited for the serving girl to get to him. She was a pretty young woman with dark hair falling about her face in waves, tousled and wild in places. Her eyes were light – mostly … Continue reading

Let Them Drink Beer

Some poems I wrote a while ago, that I found on a post-it note in scrawly handwriting and saved from being consigned to a bin:

Tornmile: Part 43

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Tornmile Part XLIII: Before the Council Brielle sat on a wooden bench in one of the recessed alcoves that lined the corridor close to the Chamber of Governance. She tapped her left foot against the tiled floor and tried to contain the urge to get up and pace; she had done far too much of … Continue reading

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