Like The Wind…Sort Of

For those of you who don’t stalk me on Twitter, you may be ignorant of the fact that I’ve recently taken up running. Since a week last Wednesday I’ve run about 50km (running around 5.1km every day, with one day off). Before a week last Wednesday I had run approximately 0km in the last 2 to 10 years, so there have been some interesting new sensations and experiences to endure.


Via Wiki-fitness.comMostly agony.


Despite the muscle strains, strange jelly legs, and the way the elements seem to conspire to make you as cold and as wet as possible one day and as dehydrated and overheated as possible the next, I am enjoying the process. I find myself looking forward to the next run and it does get me out of bed in the mornings looking forward to the exercise. I’ve also noticed a drop in fat here and there, which was the main motivation for me taking up the practice in the first place. It’s not that I think I’m overweight and all medical authorities agree that I’m at a healthy body weight for my height.


Or what passes for medical authorities on the internet.


The reason I wanted to take up some form of exercise was not, then, because I think I’m overweight. It was because I don’t feel as comfortable with the shape my body is as I’d like to. It is a question of aesthetics and perspective rather than pounds or kilograms. As I’ve only been going just over a week I haven’t noticed much difference in how I look just yet – though I’m told that certain parts are looking slimmer. I have noticed small differences and that’s good.

I think it’s important to maintain perspective on body issues though; it doesn’t so much matter what weight you are as long as you feel healthy and looking good. When it comes to it, we are all our worst critics, especially when it comes to how we look and a lot of that comes from social pressure and media pressure. But what we should be aiming towards is looking good for ourselves balanced against what’s healthy for our bodies. Starving ourselves isn’t an option. Let’s face it, food is nice. Some food is very nice. Some of that very nice food is bad for us and we should aim to eat it in moderation, but I have no doubt that we do need to eat it from time to time. There’s little point being ultra-slim if it cripples our heart in the process. There’s no point stopping eating every fatty food we like and being unhappy, since happiness is not always easy to come by and we should cherish it. Besides, if you’re unhappy, you’re not likely to be motivated to continue exercising.

So, that’s what I’ve learned over the last week or so. That and the wind actually is trying to kill me by pushing me towards oncoming traffic. I’ve also found that an active body promotes an active mind, which is a enormous boon for a writer.


Via the

And we’re always on the lookout for enormous boons.


So from now on, you can find me doing laps of the park with my excellent running partner (Mr Edward Spence), speeding past people who are walking very slowly, unnecessarily pouring water over our heads, and swearing at cyclists who don’t keep to the cycle lanes.


Via this will be our strength.


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