The Dust Settles

So, the dust settles on Tornmile now that I’ve finished Book One and I think that’s a good enough reason to reflect on it and other writing things. The first Tornmile was published on 16th July last year and really I started it to have some sort of content on the blog that would require less thinking about. Well, that was the plan anyway. I’m not sure I actually succeeded in not having things to think about – the further I got into it the more complex it became, with all the usual trappings of writing three different POV characters in different places at the same time. Anyway, it’s been a fun ride for me and, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it too. Still, you shouldn’t think that that’s the end for Tornmile. There’s still plenty of life left in Johreel, Mishak, and Brielle, plus Seren, Marthe, and Darian. There’ll still be wrongs to be righted, causes to champion, and enemies who need a blade slipped between the ribs.

For now, though, I’m content to take a hiatus and work on other projects. For one, there’s the fantasy novel I was working on before I started Tornmile (which, really, was only meant to be something to keep you guys happy whilst I did stuff behind the scenes…). I wrote some stuff for it for the first time in a while today, and for once I was actually happy with where it was going. That said, I haven’t read it back yet… Anyway, there’s also a couple of plays that I have ideas for and some TV series that I ought to really finish, more poetry volumes to tinker with, and a sci-fi spy thriller novel that I have the first inklings of an idea for. Essentially, there’s been a lot that I’ve been ignoring and ought to finish off a couple of those before I return, once more, to the cracked streets and broken dreams of Tornmile.

I’ve also got lots of reading to do, which I’ve neglected up until now. Since getting towards the end of Tornmile, I’ve managed to get through I, Robot, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Casual Vacancy and Juliet, Naked. I’m now cracking on with Greaveburn by Craig Hallam, which I’m already a third of the way through and thoroughly enjoying.

Speaking of things to read, my lovely and ever wonderful girlfriend, Olivia, put me onto these writing tips by Patrick Ness. Wonderfully written and thoroughly useful in all respects. Have a look, if you have a moment. You won’t be disappointed.

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