The Camp

It was the sort of summer that childhoods are made of. Halcyon days. I don’t even know what a halcyon is, but the word is older than I am and who am I to argue? The air was the scent of pine and wood smoke and the deep smell of musty canvas; tents unaired at … Continue reading

Fresh Woods & Pastures New

Sunset over Mill Green

As some of you may know, I have just moved house after some time living off the charity of good friends (massive shout out here to Jon and Susie, who are amongst the best people the world has to offer. Thank you for everything.), so I thought I’d take a break from all the unpacking … Continue reading

Top 5 Songs: Alkaline Trio

I’ve talked before about how I don’t really have favourite things. That isn’t true, so much as I find it very hard to settle on one specific thing that I like more than any others. Context is important to me and I wouldn’t expect much else from a history graduate, so I find it hard … Continue reading

Writers’ Group Prompt 1: What I Did On My Holiday

This is the short fiction piece I wrote for the Writers’ Group that I talked about last week. The prompt was “What I Did On My Holiday” with a word limit of 500 words. Hope you enjoy it and Happy Friday!

Confessions of an Extrointrovert

I’ve been thinking lately – always dangerous, I know – about the labels we apply to ourselves and to others. I’ve always, or at least for the majority of my life, considered myself to be an extrovert. I’m good in conversations and not fazed by meeting new people in a social setting. I’m happy to … Continue reading

A Chapter of Writers

Writing is, primarily, a solitary behaviour. Quite a lot of the work we do occurs inside our heads as millions of neurones fire across synapses to bring us the best characters and the twistiest twists imaginable. Whilst others can inspire the creative process and may serve as templates for characters or as groups of people … Continue reading

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