For the first time in my life, I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo. For those not in the know, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a writing project whereby anyone who has ever thought of writing a novel can sign up to a month of seat of the pants writing frenzy. The aim is to … Continue reading

Effective Stage Management

Stage Management. It’s key to the theatre and without it very little would get done. From the outside looking in, a good stage manager can look like a deity made flesh or a fantasy gleeman – juggling so many balls and spinning so many plates that it seems improbable that they can be kept in … Continue reading

Without The Fire

  Without the Fire On the road again with no light to see the way, Don’t know which way to walk if I’m to find that brighter day. All my dreams have turned to smoke without the fire And my inspiration disappeared with the one I most admire. I’m sitting by the road as others … Continue reading

Pick You Out & Other Poems

  Pick You Out Trying to pick you out from the sea of people; The thousand waves with the same crest.

On Being A Hero

Sunset over Mill Green

It’s not unusual for me when I’m walking down the street alone, music playing into my ears, to sink into a fantasy world where the path is beset with a foe of some kind – bandits, assassins, or twisted servants of evil. This all takes place in my head, so I appear to the vast … Continue reading

The End of Fear

I was lucky enough to see an opportunity advertised to play the character of Irwin in The History Boys recently. It’s a brilliant part and the play is amazing – many of you will have seen it or the film that’s based on it. Normally I might have looked at the opportunity and not done … Continue reading

Arriving Somewhere Unexpected

This is the piece I wrote for my writers’ group’s last meeting.   Arriving Somewhere Unexpected ‘Excuse me, please.’ The man with the burgundy backpack couldn’t hear me over his headphones, which leaked a tinny tsk tsk into the carriage. The automatic door closed, pinning my arm to my ribs before it whined back open.

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