The Hill at Dawn

Here’s the latest flash piece for my writers’ group. I set the prompt this time, which was ‘The Hill at Dawn’. I left it quite late to get started, so what I have is a little unpolished, but nevertheless, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.   Today I have the power of a … Continue reading

Memory Lane

  Memory Lane Turn the pages of this album, This walk down memory lane, All smiles and longing looks that chased away my pain.

One Year

Today marks a whole year since the best and loveliest woman became a part of my life, so here’s a poem to mark the occasion.   One Year Since we started on the road Two candles half alight It seems that time has slowed As each day gives way to night And back to day … Continue reading


This is the story of a boy. No. Start again. This is a story about blood and sweat and sand. It is a story about the way sunlight feels on your skin and the way water runs down you back when the wind shakes it from the trees. It’s a story about a boy who … Continue reading

Sunrise & Where It Begins

Sunrise The sun rises, touching the waves, Turning the dull water to bright gold And I watch as the light moves over everything, bringing this valley, this earth to life.

What’s New for 2014

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