Film Review: Thor: The Dark World

  Via Papyrus   I’m a little late to the Thor: The Dark World party, having only seen it yesterday for the first time. But I’m going to throw in my tuppence, anyway, just because I have some thoughts to share with you. Thor: The Dark World, or Thor 2, is the much anticipated sequel … Continue reading

Between The Ribs & Other Poems

  Between The Ribs All that’s left is memories: Not a single spark of light. Lose myself in dreams of you, For another sleepless night.

Roses are red…

Yes, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. I’ve spoken here before about how I think the day should not devolve into couples doing coupley things and single people celebrating/commiserating with their ironic “Singles Awareness Day” (the acronym – SAD), but rather that it should be a celebration – if we celebrate it … Continue reading


I’ve been messing about with this poem for some time now, but I think it’s time to release what I have into the wild and see what sticks. So much of writing is locking thoughts up inside your head, never quite being entirely happy with what’s there. Sometimes it helps just to shout out a … Continue reading

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