Between The Ribs & Other Poems


Between The Ribs

All that’s left is memories:
Not a single spark of light.
Lose myself in dreams of you,
For another sleepless night.

The post-show where I bend knee
And ask with all my heart
For your hand, for all of my life;
The dream ends. We’re apart.

There’s no balm to soothe this itch,
The wound that’s turning black:
Take your dagger from my side
And give me my heart back.


I hope that you’re missing
Me, as much as I am you.
I won’t ask for more.
A little would do.
It won’t change a thing
But I hope that it’s true.
So are you missing me
Like I’m missing you?

Since You Went Away

“Her absence is like the sky: spread over everything.” – C. S. Lewis

I don’t like the drink
Since you went away,
I don’t like eating that much.

I don’t like the rugby
No matter who plays
My heart’s been kicked into touch.

I don’t like the theatre
Since you went away
My heart’s in the orchestra pit.

I don’t like shaving
Or washing or clothes
And I don’t like keeping fit.

I don’t like the night
I don’t like the day
The evenings are always the worst.

Your absence is like
I’ve stolen pirate gold
Everything is perpetually cursed.


Farewell then, Bailey-dog,
Faithful friend and free spirit.

We will take our comforts in our memories
Of your scampering, your welcoming barks,
And the way you warmed our feet by laying on them.

A bit of you will live on in our hearts.

And in my knee
Which has never been the same since you ran into it.

2 Responses to “Between The Ribs & Other Poems”
  1. Morgan says:

    Delicate and Wonderful 🙂 Happy Friday!

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