Your Mask & Other Poems

Sunset over Mill Green

  Your Mask It always hung by the door Brightly coloured and suited for a festival Bringing cheer into the dark hallway.

Generic Update

I had an idea for a post about some of the gender related stories that have been circulating in the wake of the mass shooting in the US, but maybe that’s a post for another time. I’m not reluctant to write it, but I feel a bit drained at the moment with being so busy, … Continue reading

The Kindness of Strangers

Here’s an extract from a film I’ve had in my mind for a long time, tentatively titled The Kindness of Strangers. I’ve never really set pen to paper for it – some ideas come to you and are good but you have to wait until they solidify into something more than just an idea. This … Continue reading

On Vanity & Beauty

I’m a vain person. I take a lot of time working out what outfit to wear and I like to look good. This doesn’t mean that once in a while I’ll slum it and just not bother, but mostly I like to wear things that I think make me look good and pleasing to other … Continue reading

The Scar

As I haven’t got round to putting my thoughts about Calvary onto paper yet, here’s a silly sketch that I wrote after being inspired by a friend’s status on Facebook. Sometimes the slightest thing can give you the inspiration for something and I find it’s best to roll with it. This is probably why it … Continue reading

On Being A Man

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout and twice runner up of the Annual Silliest Name In Showbiz Competition (he lost out to Englebert Humperdinck in 2012 and controversially to Mila Kunis in 2013 after some confusion over how her name was spelled), has recently said that children should be allowed to use knives and that there is … Continue reading

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