Your Mask & Other Poems


Your Mask

It always hung by the door
Brightly coloured and suited for a festival
Bringing cheer into the dark hallway.

I never liked it.
The eyes seemed dark and empty
Hiding too much anger beneath the veneer.

I wanted to burn it
To destroy it utterly and never see it again
But you clung on, though you said you hated it.

I know why now:
Because you don’t like anyone to see you
You can put it on again and disappear.

Nothing is left behind.
It covers all your fears and dulls pain
But you are gone when you put it on.

Everything that is you
All that is worthwhile, all I love
Is eradicated, exchanged for a gaudy lie.


I am trying to write a poem
That captures how I feel.
But there’s no adequate rhyme for
fucking devastated.


I am living with your ghost, you see,
And thought you lived with mine.
But you’ve always been a liar
I should have seen the signs.

My grave was not yet cold, it seems,
When you let him notch your post.
You never cared for me at all;
But I’m living with your ghost.

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