In Castle Park & Other Poems

  Star Eyes Look into these eyes, sparkle like stars, Do they tell you how beautiful you are? I think they should. Because I don’t have the perfect way – Don’t have the right words or the right to say – I wish I could. Please don’t imagine I’m not proud I tell myself to … Continue reading

Morning, Girl & Other Poems

  Morning, Girl I am writing to you in the dark, Because when the morning light comes I will be drifting on a sea of sleep, Lost in the swell of my dreams. I am writing to you in the dark, Because I want to be there when you wake To whisper “good morning” across … Continue reading

Why The Cagebirds?

  Tomorrow night marks the opening performance for The Cagebirds, the play I've been directing with The Little Theatre, and I thought you all might be interested in why I've chosen to direct this play, or rather, why I've chosen to direct it as a feminist interpretation. I don't want to spoil the play for … Continue reading

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