In Castle Park & Other Poems


Star Eyes

Look into these eyes, sparkle like stars,
Do they tell you how beautiful you are?
I think they should.

Because I don’t have the perfect way –
Don’t have the right words or the right to say –
I wish I could.

Please don’t imagine I’m not proud
I tell myself to shout it all out loud
And though I should

My words aren’t good.
So, look into my eyes, sparkle like stars,
And let them tell you how beautiful you are.

In Castle Park

Stood in Castle Park you stole my heart
Watching a couple feeding ducks
And us, communicating with half-taken looks.
You, needing to go, reluctant to leave.
Me, clinging to your too big coat sleeve.
I walked you the long way to your car
Left you, with a kiss, to your cereal bar
and walked home alone but with you
Because stood in Castle Park
You stole my heart.

Things To Do, Part 1

1. Be kissing you
2. Everything else, which doesn’t seem that important now I come to think about it.

Things To Do, Part 2

Here is my list of things to do:
Number one – be kissing you.
An easy one to start, that’s great.
Number two- oh, that can wait.

Let’s Go

Let’s go with wild eyes
To dance among the stars
And to flit like fireflies
Half-drunk in half-dark bars.

Let’s go now hand in hand
And not come back too soon
To leave our footprints in the sand
And go to bed in the afternoon.

2 Responses to “In Castle Park & Other Poems”
  1. rsvendsen07 says:

    This are all so sweet and beautiful. I think my favourite are the first and last. Though it’s almost hard to pick they’re all so cute. ❤️

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