Remember & Other Poems



When the bar seems set too high up
And the mountain seems too tall,
When the sky shatters with the thunder
As the rain begins to fall,

Remember there is starlight,
Inside you shining bright
And no matter what your troubles
Everything will be alright.

Remember that your courage
Will see tempests come and go
Even when you’re on your knees
It can stand another blow.

Remember friends are with you
Wheresoever you may roam
Remember they’ll be waiting
With a hug to bring you home.

Remember I’m beside you
Even when I’m gone:
I’ll do all that’s in my power
To help you battle on.

Remember that there’s beauty
No darkness can defile.
If all else fails – if nothing else
Remember this and smile.

Little Miss Sunshine

Your skin is like an angel’s breath
Your eyes outshine the moon
Your little hands; the perfect size
Your voice; the sweetest tune.

These words are foolish poetry
That cannot catch your grace.
You are just a human being
Your face is just a face.

But what a face it is to me
The best face I have known
And you must be the best person
That nature’s ever grown.

You need no pedestal from me
No witless words or show
Your beauty’s plain for all to see:
You’re radiant. You glow.

A Mini Adventure

Every time
I see a Mini
I think of you.

And there are three
On my street

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