Little Heavens & Other Poems



Alarm bells jolt through pleasant dreams
The sunlight blinding through the blind-
Morning’s broken, or so it seem,
Stranger still, I don’t even mind.

Because I know I’ve heard from you.
There’s no reason for dismay:
The morning with its glistening dew
Is now my favourite time of day.


My dentist has big fingers
And my mouth is very small
She always tries her very best
But my mouth can’t fit them all

I feel like such a let down
Despite the anaesthetic
She must look down on me
And think I’m quite pathetic

I mumble that it’s painful
As she dislocates my jaw:
My dentist had big fingers
Now my mouth is very sore.

Little Heavens

We are all spinning away
on this tiny little rock.
Always looking forward or back.

I think we should be looking up.
Let us see stars and galaxies.
Let us strive to dream bigger,
to hope more.

After all, we are star-matter:
We burn away in the universe
and our lives are surrounded by empty night.

Let us shine brightly while we can.
Let us light up our own little heavens.

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