An Angel On Cank Street & Other Poems


An Angel on Cank Street

I saw an angel on Cank Street
Working in a bar, serving drinks
Her wings folded like a white cardigan,
Her halo disguised with dark brown hair.

But her smile gave her away;
Lighting up hearts as she passed by.
She filled the room with a radiant glow
More intoxicating than any drink.

I reeled, dazzled by her beauty,
And stuttered something awkwardly
Her eyes held me captive as she replied
Every syllable like a gift of grace.

I’d give up anything to know her name
To stand again spell-bound in her presence
And shyly tell her of the time
I saw an angel on Cank Street.

A Thousand Stories

for Jess Green

She stands there in dungarees
and tights the colour of her name,
speaking out about the hollowness of fame
and vapid celebrity.

On the importance of learning:
Starting a bright flame burning
instead of a pile of books.

A thousand stories pouring from her
as she goes up on her tiptoes and
brushes the stars with her upraised hand.

Leaving the audience stunned
with tears in their eyes –
A new horizon just coming into view.
A thousand stories in her

and me

and you

Bosworth Rose

Pale petals float in orange light
Topped by a smile; a gorgeous sight,
Elegant and tall, sweet to taste,
That first sip impossible to replace.
A warming glow spreads through the veins;
Like bright sunshine after heavy rains.
She has it all and, better yet,
A beauty that you can’t forget.

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