A Call Within & Other Poems


Sitting Wishing

I wish I knew the rest of you as well as I know your smile.
I wish that I could enchant you as greatly as you beguile.
I wish that, in desiring you, you desired me just the same.
But, above all else, I’m left to wish that I could truly find your name.

A Call Within

brown hair falls across your face
your delicate hands are white:
a call within to be with you
i know i cannot fight

the way your lips are parted
as your head leans to one side:
a call within to kiss your neck
that cannot be denied

Wandering Wondering

Is it the twilight fading or just the mood I’m in?
Is it the evening walk or the cool breeze on my skin?
Is it the serene moon, sitting alone in the navy sky?
Or is it that I met you? It’s good, no matter the reason why.

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