Love Is A Dance & Other Poems

Sunset over Mill Green

  Love Is A Dance love is a dance         and I don’t know the steps one dancer joins me         and then promptly forgets

Sensitive Matter & Other Poems

  Sensitive Matter For some theirs is incredibly big For others exceedingly small. But, guys, with the best will in the world, The size doesn’t matter at all.

Nightmare & Other Poems

  Nightmare In fitful sleep I fitful pace, through ruins of remembrance chase. At my heels, the black dog growls. A mocking moon above me howls.

Night Visions & Other Poems

  Night Visions In a lonely all-night garage lit with fluorescent strips, I wandered lonely as a cloud trying to forget your lips.

Mindseige & Other Poems

  Gallivanting Gallants Everyone’s a writer these days New ones spring up so fast And gallivanting gallants in flowery shirts Are just a trick of the past

RJL & Other Poems

  Yeavering, Not Wavering At the top of the hill Resting weary legs and warm bodies Surrounded by a stunning panorama Which I could barely look at.

Not Perfect & Other Poems

  Not Perfect My body is not perfect    except when kissed you My body is not perfect    except when you give it things to do.

Driftwood & Other Poems

  Wandering Albatrosses Bombs, bombs, everywhere Nor any drop to drink. Let’s leave the country So we don’t explode, but sink.

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