Mindseige & Other Poems


Gallivanting Gallants

Everyone’s a writer these days
New ones spring up so fast
And gallivanting gallants in flowery shirts
Are just a trick of the past

Everyone’s a writer these days
Starbucks pack them in tight
And gallivanting gallants honing their craft
Are just a trick of the light

Everyone’s a writer these days
The number of new blogs is vast
And gallivanting gallants on Italian shores
Are just a trick of the past

Everyone’s a writer these days
But I think that I’d rather be
A gallivanting gallant in a flowery shirt
Writing well by the Italian sea


Day One of Mindsiege
run and hide
ignore that dreaded place:

Day Three of Mindsiege
feeling swell
with nowhere to go
no one to tell

Day Five of Mindsiege
milk’s gone sour
worth risking OUTSIDE
for just an hour?

Day Ten of Mindsiege
black coffee, no sleep
this siege won’t fail
dig trenches deep

Day Twelve of Mindsiege
land is spied
explore that dreaded place:

Final Sentences I: Last Ten Facebook Messages

Night night
Thanks lovely sir, really
      appreciate you reading it
hiya having skype issues
      will be on asap
okie pokes
And sorry if you already have that comic!
Like it was funny, but the
      laughter only lasted for
         one out breath
No, I figured as much
Smashing, love it

Final Sentences II: Last Ten Text Messages

Not that way.
Cool beans
I am so, so sorry
Rumours of one from
      France and another from
Hope you can make it
Manchester wants me
I am sat downstairs,
      opposite the counter
It was very messy
Fallen asleep yet?

Final Sentences III: Last Ten Tweets

obviously the fresh
      air you had in Lincolnshire at the
         weekend has inspired you!
haha we’ll see
you’ll really, really have to
At pub little
      early so might partake of odd
         beverage and a few chips
Your new centre forward
slow clap
this is the type of guy you need in that
Name that team
You flirt
pray for goals

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